Urnex SuperGrindz 330g

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The first product specially developed for cleaning the grinder in automatic coffee machines from the Urnex brand .

Content: 330g

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The first product specially developed for cleaning the grinder of your automatic coffee machine.

It removes coffee residues that settle in parts of the grinder and at the same time absorbs coffee oil residues .

Patented hydrophobic formula (water repellent) that allows safe use in fully automatic devices, including espresso machines with grinders or professional coffee grinders in cafes.

The product is gluten-free and organic.

Easy to use without the need to disassemble the device:

1. Empty the coffee tray.

2. Brew two large cups of coffee to consume all the remaining beans in the grinding chamber.

3. Add 26 g (full cap) of the product to the container.

4. After adding SuperGrindz, add 78 g of coffee (3 full caps) to the hopper.

5. Make 5 large cups of coffee or until the pucks no longer show traces of yellow SuperGrindz tablets.

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