Chocolate Michel Cluizel Arcango Grand Noir 85%

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85% chocolate prepared from a carefully selected mixture of cocoa beans from Africa and Central America. Intense and at the same time fine chocolate, pleasantly balanced in taste.

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The rich color of the chocolate suggests the intensity of the taste. Arcango is prepared from a selected mixture of cocoa beans. The woody and spicy tones that chocolate beans add to chocolate are complemented by tones of fruit (eg grapefruit) and flowers thanks to beans from Central America. The bitterness of cocoa and the tones of roasted coffee can be felt in the aftertaste.

Michel Cluizel created in 2021 with a new edition with lots of new recipes. It emphasizes every step of chocolate production.

Awards from international competitions for its predecessor Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%:

  • bronze medal, Academy of Chocolate, London, 2011, category "Bean to Bar - Best Dark Bar"
  • silver medal, Academy of Chocolate, London, 2016, category "Best Dark Bean to Bar Over 80%"

Michel Cluizel encourages farmers to maintain traditional methods of growing cocoa beans and fermenting them. It provides them with fair conditions for agriculture and life. To achieve the wonderful flavors of his chocolates, Cluizel has often tested more than 20 combinations of fermentation and roasting methods.

Michel Cluizel has obtained a patent for the "Nobles Ingredients" trademark , which means that he uses in his products:

  • only pure cocoa butter, free of vegetable fats
  • natural vanilla instead of vanillin
  • does not use soy lecithin or artificial flavors
  • the company also guarantees that no raw materials have undergone the irradiation or ionization process

Ingredients: cocoa beans, unrefined sugar, cocoa butter, real Bourbon vanilla. May contain traces of nuts, milk and gluten.

Other specifications:

Mass: 0.07 kg / 70 g, 161 × 79 × 7 mm

Cocoa content: 85

Species: bitter (dark)

Additional information: soy-free, suitable for vegetarians

Bean Variety: Blend (Mixture)

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