Aeropress GO with 350 filters

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AeroPress Go is a new travel version of one of the most revolutionary inventions in the world of coffee. Fits in a mug and lets you prepare a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere - on the go, on trips, or in the office.

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Aeropress GO is a new version of the classic Aeropress, compared to the original Aeropress is slightly smaller and contains a mug (and a few other details see below), in which you can pack Aeropress and from which you can also drink coffee. The package also includes 350 filters, which are the same as the previous version. Aeropress is a great device that combines the advantages of French press, filtered coffee and traditional coffee maker. Many coffee lovers have fallen in love with Aeropress because it allows you to explore the unlimited flavors of coffee by experimenting with cooking time, water temperature and fineness / coarseness of grinding.

Everything about making coffee with Aeropress can be found in our Coffee Preparation - Aeropress section .

AeroPress Go is one of the most compact coffee machines in the world.

Volume : 237ml

Dimensions: 12 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm (with whole set enclosed in a cup with lid: 14 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm)

Set includes: Aeropress, 350 paper filters, stirrer, measuring cup, filter holder (for 20 filters), cup and lid.

The perfect gift for coffee lovers who love to travel!

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