Hario Clear Water Dripper WDC-6

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Hario Clear Water Dripper for cool cold brew and a wonderful show.

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Did you also miss the cold brew ? Cold coffee or cold brew is unlike classic coffee, which is pouring hot water with cold water . Short extraction in hot water is replaced by slow and long extraction in cold water . Thanks to this, the resulting beverage has a little different properties. Coffee is characterized by lower acidity, lower bitterness, greater sweetness . The body of the coffee is beautifully full and its aroma is fully developed . Preparing coffee with cold brew is one of the best preparations we have tried so far.

Hario Clear Water Dripper is a fantastic feature in any café but also at home. He can pull away all of his attention and the audience feels they are just following a complex scientific experiment.

The top tank is cold water, which drips through the stainless steel filter slowly through the coffee into the lower serving jug. Thanks to the metal valve, you can easily adjust the flow rate of water . Filtration takes several hours depending on the valve setting and your taste. Ideal is to set the flow rate of 1 drop per second. The full vessel is then filtered over approximately 5 hours. Experiment with the coarseness of the coffee you choose.

Then you or the guests in your cafe can watch slow coffee dripping. An amazing soothing element. And the coffee of everyone definitely enchants him.

Dimensions: height 45,5cm, width 15cm, depth 12,9cm

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