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Coffee maker Wilfa Svart CMC-1550W, white

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The Wilfa Svart CMC-1550W stainless steel coffee machine will prepare up to 8 cups of perfectly balanced filtered coffee of the highest quality within 5 minutes. Tank capacity up to 1l .

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Coffee roasted every week

The very popular Norwegian brand Wilfa is proud of its perfect luxury coffee machine, with which you can easily and quickly prepare up to 8 cups of perfectly balanced filtered coffee . Wilfa Svart was awarded and recommended by the European Coffee Brewing Center .

The Wilfa Svart CMC-1550W has a stainless steel body and a truly luxurious and elegant look. It has at first sight beautifully clean and smooth lines.

Thanks to the high-quality heater, the coffee machine is able to heat the water to the required 92-96 degrees and maintains this temperature throughout the filtration . This is the biggest difference compared to conventional dripping machines, which do not maintain the temperature and the resulting coffee is then bland and dull. With the right water temperature, the Wilfa Svart coffee machine is optimally extracted , giving it a full and balanced taste and rich aroma.

The maximum quantity, ie 8 cups of coffee, is prepared within 5 minutes . After filtering into a glass decanter, the coffee temperature is maintained for 40 minutes. After that, the device switches itself off automatically.

The coffee machine is extremely simple, with just one button . Beauty in simplicity.

We recommend always using freshly ground quality coffee in the amount of 60-65g per liter .

The coffee machine has a useful " drip stop " function, which allows you to stop the filtration at any time and pour a cup of coffee.


  • simple one button operation
  • Powerful 1550W heater
  • heats the water in a few seconds to 92-96 degrees
  • maintaining the water temperature throughout the filtration
  • luxury stainless steel
  • ideal for use with Melitta 1x4 filters
  • special head for optimal watering of coffee
  • suitable for up to 8 cups
  • capacity 1l
  • glass kettle for brewed coffee
  • maintaining the coffee temperature for 40 minutes
  • drip stop function
  • preparation of 8 cups in 5 minutes
  • length: 35,5cm, width: 17cm, height: 33,2cm
  • weight: 2,88kg

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