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Coffee filters Melitta® Original 1x4

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Melitta® Original paper filters of 1x4 size to develop the optimum flavor of your filtered coffee . Package Content: 40pcs

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Coffee roasted every week

Melitta Bentz loved the coffee so much that she first invented the first coffee filter in 1908 and laid the foundation stone of today's brand Melitta .

Paper filters Melitta® Original are made of paper Aromapor ® which excels called micropores. Aromapóry, which are divided into three zones aromatic, each containing a different number of pores. The upper layer of the filter prevents the appearance of bitter taste, the middle ensures uniform coffee leaching, and the lower layer ensures the first flavor development.

The result is an exceptionally balanced filtered coffee with a fully developed flavor .

Content: 40pcs
Size: 1x4

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