Kenya Top Masai, Arabica coffee beans

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The area around Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, is home to one of the finest 100 rabi in the world to achieve coffee bliss.

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Kenya is one of the most important producers of quality coffee in the world today. Its uniqueness is mainly due to the conditions in which the coffee grows. Extensive plantations are found mainly in the area of Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro. The high altitude, the volcanic soil, the abundance of pleasant sunshine and the rainfall ensure that coffee really thrives in this area.

Theorigin of coffee: Originating from the area around Kilimanjaro, Kenya Top Masai takes its name from the indigenous African ethnic group, the Maasai, who settled between Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya. In Kenya, nearly two-thirds of total coffee production is grown on small farms, which, according to 2012 estimates, employ up to 6 million people out of a total population of 44.4 million.

Flavour: Kenya Top Masai coffee is one of the finest and most distinguished Arabicas in the world. It will enchant you with its incredible harmony of all the flavours, both the sour ones of oranges and tangerines and the sweet ones of red cherries. The spectrum of flavours in this coffee is really wide. You will also find hints of jasmine and vine. The body of the coffee is beautifully full-bodied. The volcanic soil lends Top Masai a pleasant acidity, which is accompanied by a velvety smoothness. Top Masai is said to be the best coffee a true coffee gourmet can taste.

Processing: wet
Ingredients: 100 Rabica
Roasting grade: City

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Gourmet Káva Keňa Top Masai, zrnková, 250g
Gourmet Káva Keňa Top Masai, zrnková, 250g
Gourmet Káva Keňa Top Masai, zrnková, 250g
100% Arabica

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