Gill's Honduras SHG Santa Rosa 100g

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Complex coffee with full body , developed with sweetness . Herbal and spicy tones with a slight chocolate finish.

Preparation: filter / espresso.

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Santa Rosa de Copán is the most remote region of Honduras in the field of coffee growing. The altitude in this area is 1100-1600 meters above sea level. Traditional plant varieties throughout the region are Bourbon, Catuai and Caturra . Producers process their coffee with traditional "washed" processing . Parchment is then dried on terraces. Harvesting takes place from December to March.

Beneficio Santa Rosa is a farm where coffee is processed and exported directly to Santa Rosa de Copán. The main task of the farm is to prepare coffee for export standards . This ensures that coffee meets international standards in terms of moisture, quality and quality .

Farm: Santa Rosa
Mix of varieties: Caturra / Bourbon / Catuai
Processing: Fully washed (washed)
Altitude:   1100-1600 m
Region / Area: Santa Rosa de Copán

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