Capsules for Nespresso ® Brasil Santos 20 pcs
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Capsules for Nespresso ® Brasil Santos 20 pcs

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DISCOUNTED min. shelf life 21.11.2021. Pack of 20 capsules with freshly roasted Brasil Santos coffee - 100 rabica. Selected coffee roasted in the Czech Republic, 100 rabica, price advantage approx. 35% per capsule, protective packaging guaranteeing long-lasting freshness.

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Do you have a Nespresso ® machine and would you like to try a selection of coffee? Try a freshly roasted coffee from Brazil, the coffee is roasted in the Czech Republic and immediately after roasting sent still bean to the capsule, there it is ground and immediately packed into capsules. Each capsule is made to protect the coffee from leakage of aroma and access to oxygen. This allows the coffee to remain fresh.

The capsules are compatible with all Nespresso machinesnot Dolce Gusto and other systems.

Coffee origin : In the region of São Paulo, located in the southeastern part of Brazil, the coffee plant is the main agricultural crop for the locals, so it is given the utmost care and effort. The Arabica coffee plant is grown at a lower altitude (800-1000 m above sea level) and, as a result, is characterised by its lower acidity.

Flavour: Brazil Santos is famous for its lower acidity and full body. The coffee combines chocolate and nutty notes with subtle fruity notes. The flavour is delicate with sweet and smooth flavours. The aroma is pleasant without a trace of bitterness.

This type of coffee is truly a classic that certainly can't be faulted. Ideal for everyday enjoyment of delicious coffee.

Processing: wet
Variety: Bourbon
Ingredients: 100 Rabica
Roasting grade: City

Packing: 20 capsules

Capsule Material: PP

NESPRESSO is a trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé, S.A.

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GourmetKáva Nespresso® kasple Brasil Santos 20 ks
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100% Arabica

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