Quality at a reasonable price

LODOS Porcelain Grinder

If you are a supporter of traditional style, you will be delighted with our new product - a mill made of genuine Czech porcelain from the company Czech Porcelain, a. s from Dubí. The machines are classically made by LODOS. The entire internal gear is nickel-plated and the grinding stones are made of high quality hardened ocella, so the company will provide you with a 10 year warranty on the entire grinding system. The porcelain bodies are made in cooperation with Czech porcelain factories.

The grinder is in the Cibulák pattern, which will surely fit into your collection of traditional Czech porcelain. It is also suitable for the modern home where it will certainly stand out and add traditional values to the home environment.

If you are looking for a quality grinder that you can rely on for many years, then the Lodos Coffee Grinder is it. It brings a very functional machine at an affordable price. Just choose a design that matches your kitchen.