Stainless Steel Jug

Just as a child grows up, so GourmetCoffee has grown up, and we have evolved from a sole proprietorship into a fully grown company, a limited liability company.

However, nothing has changed for you the customer! We will still provide quality at the highest level and I, Dominik Škoda, will still do my best to make everything in our company work as best as it can. I am not retiring, I will still be a part of every process in our company and I will still communicate with you, what I know, and be helpful to you.

GourmetKava s. r.o.
Za Kapličkou 1246, 54701 Náchod (by appointment serves
also as a dispensing point)
Number: 0
3724034, VAT: we are not VAT registered
Register number C 34628 kept at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové.