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Kaffia Goose 0.9 l kettle

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Luxury design Kaffia Goose 0.9l specially designed for coffee preparation using a dripper . Stainless steel , also suitable for induction plate .

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The stylish, stylish and design Kaffia Goose 0.9l water pot was specially designed to make coffee with >> dripper <<. This coffee preparation is extremely important for accuracy. When watering coffee depends on the direction and above all on the flow of running water. If you drink coffee in a dripper with too much water, the resulting taste will not be good.

With this Kaffia Goose you can not do this. Thanks to the specially shaped long nozzle , the water flow is slow and uniform . Proper coffee making is equally important when preparing in French press or in >> Aeropress <<.

You can use the kettle on any type of cooker, ie the induction plate . For more about preparing filtered coffee, please see our Coffee Preparation section - Filtered Coffee .

Material: stainless steel
Volume: 0.9 liter

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