Hario Pour Over Kit Ceramic V60-01The >> Hario Pour Over Kit << with plastic dripper is already familiar to everyone who likes filtered coffee. It contains absolutely everything you need to make perfect filter coffee

But we also wanted to satisfy the more demanding among you who want even better extraction. You can do that with the Hario Pour Over Kit Ceramic V60-01 red dripper, which conducts heat better than plastic. This results in better extraction and a slightly fuller-bodied drink. At the same time, ceramic is also undoubtedly a more beautiful material, especially in red, which we love in Hario products. 

In addition to the Red Ceramic Dripper V60-01, the set also includes a 360ml coffee pot with lid, coffee scoop and 40 pieces of unbleached paper filters

Just buy freshly roasted coffee, preferably light roasted, and you can enjoy a wonderful coffee experience.

>> You can view the entire kit here <<