Bezzera Hobby 01 coffee machine

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Improved version of the basic model of the Bezzera Hobby coffee machine designed for home use. Handmade in the Italian Bezzera factory.

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This is animproved version of the basic model of the Bezzera Hobby coffee machine designed for home use. Its main advantages include a 0.25l boiler, which guarantees perfect thermal stability for espresso preparation. It is the boiler and the professional head with 58mm cups that separate the Bezzera Hobby coffee machine from the commonly sold home coffee machines, where the water is mostly heated using a flow-through heater. The Hobby model is also equipped with a steam nozzle for preparing milk froth.

An improvement from the previous model is the use of a BZ-type head - the same head used in professional coffee machines. Another improvement is the so-called three-way-solenoid valve, which allows cleaning with a blind cup and releases excess pressure from the head after coffee extraction is complete.

The coffee machine is handmade in the Italian Bezzera factory with a tradition since 1901!

Standard features of the coffee maker include two cups for preparing one or two servings, a blind cup for cleaning, a brass lever, a plastic tamper and a brush for cleaning the head.

Boiler - type: single chamber
Boiler - insulation: No
Boiler - material: stainless steel
Boiler - capacity: 0.25 l
Pump: Vibrating
Water tank: 3 l
Direct connection to water: No
Power: 1100 W
Temperature control: thermostat
Head heating: Electric
Width: 220 mm
Height: 350 mm
Depth: 250 mm
Number of heads: 1
Weight: 10 kg

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