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The new natural Ethiopia comes from the Hambel region of West Guja. This coffee is the result of the efforts of 150 local small growers who live in the nearby village of Gute Sodu Kebele. The processing station is located in the neighboring area of Dikit, where its name comes from. Behind the station is Mr. Abiyot , who is also the owner of Buno Coffee Traders. Mr. Abiyot has been building and buying individual processing stations in this area since 2018. One of the purchased stations is Dikitu, which he decided to use only for dry coffee processing . To this end, he built 120 new African beds to ensure an optimal drying process. Coffee is grown in the area on the outskirts of the village. Most of the local coffee trees grow in the shade of local trees such as Cordia Africana, Acacia or Albizzia. Mr. Abiyot has been actively involved in the development of the station for the last two years by building new parts of the complex, selecting farmers with whom cooperation is subsequently established, as well as purchasing coffee cherries and overseeing the drying process to ensure the best quality results .

As part of improving the station's operations, Buno Coffee Traders has hired Mr. Bashuru , who acts as a quality manager and oversees the purchase of coffee cherries, their drying and storage on a daily basis. Mr. Bashura is also behind the creation of a team that offers training on basic agronomic practices and links with new farmers. Buno Coffee Traders also pays a premium of one Ethiopian birr for every kilo of cherry bought to those farmers who contributed to the final lots. The premiums aim to encourage farmers to keep picking until the cherries are perfectly ripe. Buno Coffee Traders also provides farmers with an interest-free loan in the off-season to cover the necessary harvesting costs. The loan is then deducted from the payment during the purchase of the cherries.

Farm: Hambela Wamena, West Guji, Oromia

Altitude: 1900 - 2300 m above sea level

Processing: Natural

Variety: 74110, 74112 & Heirloom

Method of preparation: Espresso, Moka Pot


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