One Coffee Colombia Luz Marina 250g

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Taste the greatColombia Luz Marina coffee from the Liberec roastery of selected coffee Jedno Kafe.


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What does the One Kafe roastery say about this coffee?

Colombia we love! So we're very excited to introduce you to another sweet treat! The coffee is part of the "mujeres" project, which supports women farmers.

Our particular lot was harvested in December 2020 and January 2021, and is from two small plantations, La Hacienda (1ha) and Pomorroso (less than 1ha). It is a blend of Colombia (predominance), Týpica and Castillo varieties and the processing used a washed method with double fermentation. After harvesting, the ripe cherries were fermented for 24 hours while submerged in water, after which the 'flotes' (floating cherries of poor quality) were removed. This was followed by the removal of the skin and part of the flesh and further fermentation for 24 h in closed black plastic bags. The coffee was then washed and dried in a traditional drying room called a marquesina (a plastic-covered structure with raised drying screens inside, called African beds).

Processing: washed

Altitude:1450 m above sea level.

Location: Rondón - Boyacá

Cooperative: Luz Marina Aliaz - La Hacienda Farm

Flavour profile: tangerine - nectarine - caramel

We roast our coffee primarily on a filter, but it also works as a very fruity espresso.

Jedno Kafe

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