Gill's India Mysore Plantation A 100g

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A round body , milk chocolate , a slightly spicy character, and a mild conclusion of fruit tones.

Preferred Preparation - Espresso.

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The area of ​​Mysore, also known as Karnataka , is one of India's main coffee regions. The state produces more than half of the volume of national coffee. Most of this is produced by small farmers. The second part is made of large plots.

Karnataka has three geographically different zones :

1. the coastal region of Karavali
2 nd area of ​​Malenadu with the western Ghats mountain range. You will find most of the large coffee plantations.
3. Bayaluseeme area

Coffee beans for this batch were selected from different plantations, based on size and quality . Mysore Plantation has a slightly sour character with a medium body and distinctive character of chocolate.

Coffee starts to bloom in March / April at the start of the main rainy season. The harvest usually takes place from November to February for Arabia and from January to March for the robust. Harvesting is done manually. Most Indian coffee is grown in the shade.

Indian coffee is classified according to a specific and somewhat complex sorting system, with a division into the region. The division is based on grain size and number of defects - that is   A, AB, B, C and PB.

Farm: Mysore
Seed : S.795 / Kent / Catimor  
Processing: Washed
Altitude:   1000-1200 m
Region / Area: Mysore Plantation A

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