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Beansmiths Nemba Burundi

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Beansmiths is a Czech specialty coffee roaster . Select coffee is always grown in a mountainous environment , where lower and more stable temperatures prevail and the coffee can mature more slowly and gain all its taste characteristics .

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Nemba is a central processing station that processes coffee crops for more than 3,000 small growers. We bought this particular microlot thanks to our 32CUP partner and the regional firm Greenco, which operates in Burundi to develop select coffee, works with farmers, improves their living conditions and product quality by their activities.

Nemba is located in the northern province of Kayanza and is managed by an experienced agronomist who oversees the implementation of modern cultivation approaches and the application of good practice . It also participates in the education of its growers . The rinsing station accurately monitors and records the processed coffee in order to guarantee its traceability throughout the processing chain. The average grower of this washing station has about 150 coffee bushes, which he grows at an altitude of about 1700 meters above sea level. The station itself can process up to 750 tons of coffee cherries per season.

The processing itself then proceeds under constant quality control and begins with the first sorting of "flotation" in water in small batches. The good grain is then hand-picked and sorted before it reaches the peeling machine, where it is further classified according to the grain density. Only after about 10-12 hours of fermentation with mechanical removal of the flesh. It is followed by washing with clean water in channels where the coffee is finally classified according to the grain density into seven categories and prepared for drying.

Drying of the sorted and washed coffee proceeds slowly and evenly for 2-3 weeks up to a humidity of 11.5%. During this time, the workers are once again clearing the grain of defects that they did not notice in the previous process.

The final stage, the processing of the dry grain and its removal of the parchment skin, takes place at one of the central processing sites in the capital of Gitega, where, moreover, the grain is last manually free of defects that were not easy to notice during the previous process.

The process of coffee processing described in this way, not only in Burundi, is for us a confirmation that coffee and especially specialty coffee is a product with great social impact. It is a product that is cultivated and processed by an enormous number of people, a product that increases employment in developing countries and places where other jobs are often difficult.

Remember this coffee story when you enjoy it in your cup . Specifically, we have found this coffee to be very suitable for espresso and filter preparation and also roast it in this universal way.

Pack size: 333 g
Variety: Red Bourbon
Farm / washing station: Nemba CWS
Altitude: 1700 m
Area: Kayanza
Processing Method: Washed
Cupping score: 87
Recommended preparation: Espresso / Filter, alternative preparations
Taste profile: dried figs, maple syrup, berry fruit
Acidity: moderate acidity


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