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Coffee Subscription from GourmetKava

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Fragrant pleasure of fresh coffee. Every month, another freshly roasted coffee! Order coffee for 3/6/12 months ahead with a discount of up to 25% .

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Coffee roasted every week

What is a coffee subscription and why choose it?

Coffee subscription works on the principle of prepaid coffee for a preselected period . The advantage of this is that you get freshly roasted coffee every month and, of course, that you no longer have to think about buying coffee . Coffee subscription is a beautiful gift that will make you remember each month. Last but not least, this offer is also convenient for you because you will save up to 25% depending on the length of your subscription.

When and how do we send coffee in a subscription?

First package we ship the first friday after your order and then every month as a registered envelope by Czech Post, or you can choose a Packeta- the name of branch with ID write into the note. It is not possible to send via another transfer company.

IMPORTANT, how to choose a transport in the basket? 

Product has already included transport, then if you only buy a subscription, select the GourmetKáva - Vinohrady, Praha store in the basket if you buy other goods then choose any carrier.

Subscription as a gift?

Download the gift voucher, which you can donate before sending the coffee here. The voucher is for information only.

Fill in the correct billing information (yours) and delivery details (subscriber) right when ordering. There is an option to fill in only one email - yours, you will receive an invoice (it will not be in the package). However, after sending the invoice, we can change the email to the recipient, so he will receive a monthly report on the sending of the package along with the shipment number to track the movement of the shipment. Therefore, you can also include a note with the recipient email in the note.

Subscription Types:

3 month subscription - 15% discount on standard prices
1x 250g Brazil Santos, 1x 250g Ethiopia Sidamo and 1x 250g Costa Rica Tarazzu

6 month subscription - 20% discount on standard prices
2x 250g Brazil Santos, 2x Ethiopia Sidamo, 1x 250g Costa Rica Tarazzu and 1x 250g Colombia Supremo

12 moths subscription - 25% discount on standard prices
3x 250g Brazil Santos, 3x 250g Ethiopia Sidamo, 3x 250g Costa Rica Tarazzu and 3x 250g Colombia Supremo

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