Circular Cup (rCup) Black and Mustard 340ml

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Circular Cup is a cup made by recycling disposable paper cups:) Reusable. 340ml.

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The Circular Cup was developed by a team of experts in the UK who aimed to recover the many tonnes of waste from disposable cups that are thrown away after just a few minutes of use. The next step was to improve the functionality of reusable cups.

We believe this cup meets all customer requirements :)

  • Better for the world- a sustainable solution to reuse waste.
  • Acup that is both recycled and recyclable - already used disposable cups were used in the production of the cup, plus it lasts at least 10 years and then can be recycled again.
  • One-handed opening- only one squeeze of the lid is needed to open and close the cup.
  • 100% leak proof - no more spilling on t-shirts and backpacks :)
  • You won't taste the coffee when sipping through the hole- unique solution for drinking the beverage around the entire circumference of the lid, simulating drinking from a classic cup
  • Coffee aroma - as it is known, the taste of coffee is strongly influenced by its aroma, which you will feel here after opening the cup as well as when drinking from your favourite mug

Instructions and care:

When you press the lid to the bottom position, the cup is open. If the lid is on top, the cup is closed. As an aid, when you see a thin risk on the inside of the lid, the cup is open. Don't fill the cup above the line on the inside of the cup- you will prevent leakage.

A hot drink above 65°C can cause a vacuum inside the cup due to the steam. If you cannot easily squeeze the lid when opening, loosen the lid by turning it slightly to reduce the pressure inside the cup. Do not try to squeeze the lid forcefully, this could cause the drink or steam to splash out!

How to care for the cup?

Try to wash your Circular after each use. It is only watertight if the seal and closing mechanism is kept clean. If you need to wash the cup properly, you can place it in the upper deck of the dishwasher. If you want to get rid of leftover stains from tea or coffee, you can mix a teaspoon of baking soda and water and leave it in the cup for 20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.


Capacity: 340ml
Height: 168mm with lid, 144mm without lid
Bottom diameter: 64mm
Lid diameter: 84mm
Made in UK

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