Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade Wenge Veneer

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Many considered the best hand grinder in the world . It offers a wide range of grinding, stable operation and refined design of the finest materials. The latest model MK4.

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The grinding stones of the Comandante C40 Mk3 Nitro Blade Wenge are the result of research and implementation of the previous version of the grinder. They are made of stainless steel reinforced with nitrogen . Their sharp edges and excellent stabilization allow for smooth and even grinding of coffee, leaving almost no coffee in the grinder.

The grinding setting is controlled by a comfortable rotary knob located under the grinding stones. The effects are extremely satisfactory , both in grinding for alternative methods and in grinding to espresso, making the device unique compared to other hand grinders. In addition, due to its physical and chemical properties, the grinding stones are neutral in terms of their effect on the taste of the coffee.

Comandante C40 Mk3 Nitro Blade Wenge also has a unique design. High quality materials have been used to produce the grinder   leads to reliability and comfort of use. The grinder body is made of stainless steel and is covered with a thin layer of bamboo veneer. The comfortable handle is completed with an oak handle. The bottom cup for ground coffee and the additional cup are made of thick glass with a capacity of 40 grams . The plastic used in production is 100% safe for food.

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