Mamacoffee Ethiopia Guji Ana Sora 100g

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The new coffee from Ethiopia will delight all lovers of fruit coffees and filters! Coffee deserves attention with its taste for sweet citrus, caramel and jasmine with lively acidity and a light body.


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What does the mamacoffee roaster say about coffee?

We were looking for coffee that would complement our range of fruit coffees for filtered preparation. Coffee from the Ana Sora processing plant, from the famous Guji region of Ethiopia, has ideal conditions for growth due to its high altitude. At lower temperatures, coffee cherries have more time to ripen, which is reflected in the resulting quality of the cup. You will like coffee especially if you like more fruity sweet coffees with livelier acidity . Thanks to the light roasting, the aroma and taste of sweet citrus and jasmine stand out. We hope you enjoy the coffee as much as we do.

Recommended preparation: Thanks to the lively fruit acidity, the taste of sweet citrus and the light body, the coffee is best enjoyed when preparing filtered coffee. He will be very familiar with the Aeropress or the V60.

Country of origin: Ethiopia

Region: Guji, Yirba Bulleye district

Producers: Ana Sora washing station

Altitude: 1,900 - 2,350 m above sea level

Variety: native Ethiopian varieties

Processing: washed

Degree of roasting: light

Aroma: sweet citrus, jasmine

Taste: sweet citrus, caramel, jasmine

Flavor: citrus

Acidity: lively, fruity, high

Body: light

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