Fathers Coffee Bolivia Floripondio Anaerobic Washed 300g

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What does the Fathers roastery say about this coffee?

El Floripondio Farm is one of the newly planted farms in the Samaipata area of Santa Cruz. The Rodriguez family has been experimenting with growing choice coffee in an area not historically known for coffee production. Its high altitude, tropical microclimate and unique soil type make Floripondio an ideal place to experiment with different varieties. The farm has already planted more than 50 varieties to see which is best suited to this particular terroir. The farm gets its unusual name from the Floripondio trees native to the area. These trees, which literally mean 'angel trumpets', are said to have certain hallucinogenic properties. Legend has it that sleeping under them induces heavy and vivid dream states. And Floripondio is such a beautiful farm that anyone who visits it will definitely feel like they're in a dream.

PRODUCER - The Rodriguez family founded Agricafe in 1986. They first rented space in a processing plant in the Caranavi region and bought coffee cherries from 2,000 producers. It wasn't until 2001 that they built their current wet-mill in Caranavi, called Buena Vista. Shortly afterwards, they built a dry mill in La Paz and started exporting their coffee. In 2012, a few years after the national decline in production, they decided to buy land and started growing their own coffee. They now have eight farms in the Caranavi region (60 ha) and five in the Samaipata region (60 ha). During the peak season, up to 300 people work for the company. The Rodriguez family also hires agronomists from different countries as consultants every year. Agricafe collects the coffee grown, processes it in a wet mill, then in a dry mill and finally exports it. To shorten the supply chain and make it more transparent and cost-effective, they have relied on a great system of vertical integration. In 2019, they won the SCA Sustainability Award in the "Best Sustainable Business Model" category .

PROCESSING - After inspection and weighing, the coffee was carefully sorted by weight using water and the so-called "floaters" were removed. The coffee was placed on a conveyor belt and disinfected using a process similar to that used for grapes. The coffee cherries are then husked and the beans put under water in tanks which are sealed. The tanks have a one-way valve that prevents air from entering the coffee, which would invalidate the entire processing. The aim of this constant temperature 'anaerobic' fermentation is to lower the pH and maintain it throughout the process.

VARIETY - Caturra is a dwarf natural hybrid of the bourbon variety. The first references and plants found are from Brazil sometime in the mid 1950s. Farmers quickly took a liking to it because of its small stature, as it allowed them to plant more plants in less space and thus increase farm profitability. Caturra has great flavour, but unfortunately it is very susceptible to disease.

Country: Bolivia

Region: Caranavi

Processing plant: Buena Vista

Altitude: 1710 m above sea level.

Cultivar: Caturra

Processing: anaerobic

Flavour profile: plum cake, orange blossom, red apple

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