Colombia Supremo, Arabica coffee beans

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The volcanic soil of the Andean mountains gives each bean of Colombia Supremo coffee its unique taste and strong aroma.

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Colombia is currently the 3rd largest coffee producer in the world. Its great advantage is its highly diverse microclimate, which allows the coffee beans to ripen at different times of the year, making harvesting practically possible throughout the year. Coffee is grown here in the lowlands, at the foot of the hills and also high in the Andean mountains, overwhelmingly by small farmers. As a result, we can taste considerable differences in flavour between Colombian coffees. But they always share a strong aroma.

Coffee origins: Colombia Supremo gets its name "Supremo" not from the region it comes from, but from the size of the bean. It is beautifully large and therefore very easy to identify. However, it is not only the bean that makes this coffee different. Our coffee is grown at an altitude of around 2200 metres above sea level and the volcanic soil gives it a specific taste and aroma that makes it one of the best coffees in the world.

Flavour: Colombia Supremo has a sweet, velvety taste with a strong aroma reminiscent of oranges or bergamot. The body is beautifully full and strong with a subtle recognisable acidity combined with chocolate and fruity undertones. This is a very balanced coffee in which the flavour, aroma, acidity and other characteristics complement each other beautifully and form a perfect whole.

Processing: wet

Ingredients: 100 Rabica
Roasting grade: City

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Coffee processing
Gourmet Káva Kolumbie Supremo, zrnková, 250 g
Gourmet Káva Kolumbie Supremo, zrnková, 250 g
Gourmet Káva Kolumbie Supremo, zrnková, 250 g
Káva Kolumbie Supremo, zrnková, 250 g
100% Arabica

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