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New model. The home lever espresso machine, Silvia E, excels in its low price , which is in contrast to the quality of the design , which in many respects is comparable to the more expensive professional equipment. Made in Italy.

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New model from 2020, you can recognize it by the black head of the coffee machine. The new model already contains a 58mm metal tamper, so you don't have to buy it. It also has a more durable stainless steel body and a nozzle for whipping milk. And a few other little things.

Rancilio is only made by professional coffee makers, with the Rancilio Silvia E being the only model of a domestic coffee maker to incorporate its expertise, quality and experience from the production of other professional coffee makers. Basically, there is no compromise, but the price is fractured over large coffee machines, so Rancilio Silvia E becomes one of the cheapest real lever espresso machines on the market .

Do you know what the coffee makers are different from the real coffee makers? Would you like to prepare a bigger drink than just an espresso? Do you want to read comparisons with coffee machines for 3-4 thousand, but also for 20,000?

>> Check out the article How to choose an espresso coffee machine? <<


  • 1 lever coffee maker
  • 3 thermostats - to control espressa temperature, to control steam temperature, to overheat the boiler
  • 3-way valve - to release the pressure at the end of the preparation of the drink, it serves against scalding at the lever and for cleaning the coffee machine (backflush)
  • made in Italy
  • capacity of brass boiler: 0.3 liters
  • water tank capacity: 2.5 liters
  • has a milk frothing nozzle and a hot water outlet (for americano, tea, etc.)
  • power: 1100 W
  • weight: 14kg
  • Noise level below 70dB
  • a high-quality stainless steel design and a massive 58mm diameter portafilter
  • dimensions: 23.5cm x 34cm x 29cm

Rancilio Silvia E was created only for the European market due to European Union regulations. New changes include boiler isolation and automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. Otherwise, the Silvia classic coffee machine does not differ.

Package contains:

  • espresso coffee maker
  • portafilter (lever) measuring 58mm
  • single espresso sieve
  • double espresso sieve
  • a plastic coffee scoop
  • metal tamper
  • rubber cap for clogging the portable filter for coffee maker cleaning

For cleaning, we recommend Urnex Cafiza, see the Cleaning section.

Warning: this is a professional home coffee maker. It is not possible to use purchased ground espresso coffee. Professional lever coffee machines require precise and fine grinding and therefore it is necessary to have a sufficiently high-quality coffee grinder.

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