Akceptujeme digitální měnu Bitcoin!

As one of the first in the Czech Republic, we begin to accept the Bitcoin digital currency, you can pay for our complete range of roasted coffee arabica, french press, aeropress, coffee mills and other with Bitcoin digital currency!

How to do it?

You can choose to pay with BITCOIN in your cart after entering your details and selecting your transport, then convert your purchase according to the current exchange rate into BTC and you can immediately pay for it.

What is the Bitcoin digital currency?

Bitcoin is an internet open source P2P payment network and also a digital money currency used in this network. The main uniqueness of Bitcoin is its full decentralization ; is designed to ensure that no one, the author, or other individuals, groups or governments, can influence, counterfeit, confiscate, control, or inflate currency. There is no central point in the network or anyone who can decide on the network. Payments are made on the network at no or no cost. (Source: Wikipedia )