The Professional Barista's Handbook - Scott Rao

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A famous book that should not be missed by any barista, café owner or avid non-professional. The expert guide to coffee and tea preparation by an American legend Scott Rao.

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Scott Rao

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In 100 pages, Scott describes practical, accurate, and decades of experience-tested information on coffee preparation in both commercial and home environments. The author covers espresso, filter coffee, as well as grinding and water issues. This book is a must-have for anyone who is serious about making coffee.

Twenty-two years ago, when he started in this business, Scott Rao read every coffee book he came across, but still didn't feel he had learned how to make a great cup of coffee. All this time he was looking for one practical, serious book where he could read all the relevant and important information to make a delicious cup. He hadn't found one yet, so he decided to try to write one himself.

Author: Scott Rao
Year of publication: 2018
Binding: hard
Number of pages: 98
ISBN: 978-1-4675-0371-6
EAN: 9781467503716

Scott Rao
1275 9781467503716
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