Standart Magazine No. 21 - English
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Standart Magazine No. 21 - English

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The twentieth issue of Standart magazine, one of the most prestigious coffee magazines in the world, now published only in English and Japanese and sold in more than 60 countries around the world. This is an English edition, the Czech language is no longer published.

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Coffee roasted every week

In the new Standart Issue 21, we ask if coffee can provide a moment of peace in the country that brought it to the world, Yemen; explore the future of specialty robusta coffee; and ask three-time UK Cup Tasters Champion Freda Yuan what's pissing her off.

Find out how, and why, coffee companies sell sustainability; join us for a chat with designer of videogame-inspired fashion garments, for both real-life and the digital sphere, Charli Cohen; and discover the most lust-worthy coffee equipment, in a photoshoot that pays homage to light erotica.


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