Standart magazine No. 18

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The 18th issue of Standart magazine , one of the most prestigious coffee magazines in the world, published in Czech / Slovak, English and Japanese and sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Criticism, as a social phenomenon, can become a driving force in your work. With the current issue of Standart Magazine, we are introducing a new content structure, where the essay "The Question of Quality: About Coffee and Criticism" by Noa Berger, who deals with coffee consumption, becomes the thematic article. Noa examines in detail the current critical state of the coffee of choice and it is through these details that he reveals a lot about the actual development of the criticism that we perceive in general. Do not miss the wisdom of James Hoffmann, Scott Rao, Ashley Rodriguez, Michelle Johnson, Matter Perger, Oliver Strand and more!

Criticism is an important part of the growth of any industry. Also because of our main interest in the development of select coffee, we decided to explore the role of criticism with regard to coffee. So what can you look forward to in the new issues?

At the very beginning, we remind Gwily Davies of the second installment of the series, revealing common coffee myths. Why do we say that coffee is a grain, is Arabica really from the Arabian Peninsula and Robusta just a fancy kind? Ashley Rodriquez critically looked at pricing green coffee. Erika's fragrance consultant and barista also spoke to us about how to deal with criticism, what to do with it, to make it useful to you, and how to effectively criticize the industry you love.

This edition continues with a series of articles about water with Adrian Krishak of Need for Espresso: Underground. This time we look at where and how to look for information, which can save you hours of frustration. In an interview with Iveta Pupišová, taking into account criticism, we got into the hotel world and learned about the work of a hotel spy.

In addition to browsing through the new issue, we do not forget about successful home projects and bring information about how the Stacomb Company has become a successful company based on friendship and quality products.


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