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Standart magazine No. 16 CZ/SK

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The sixteenth issue of Standart magazine , one of the most prestigious coffee magazines in the world, published in Czech / Slovak, English and Japanese and sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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Coffee roasted every week

The current issue of Standart comes with, as always, various topics, articles, essays and interviews. In this new issue, we address the challenges our industry faces today, which are more pressing than ever before.

In the chapter "Coffee" we continue to compare coffee and teas - this time with extraction methods. Take a look at the history of the largest tea producer, Sri Lanka, which, after reaching the title of a superpower of tea, also focuses on selective coffee. It is often forgotten that the amount of waste increases directly with the coffee making process; we will therefore suggest how coffee waste can be used as efficiently as possible. At the end of this chapter, Adrián Krišák discusses with us the reasons for the disappearing fruity of your espresso, and if you think the talk will be about turning the mill, you are wrong.

The chapter "People" explores the personalities of the coffee world. We met with Canadian barista master Cole Torode who took us through the beginnings of his career, competitions and reflections on direct trade. Ashley Rodriguez's article examines the profession of a freelance boss and presents tips and tricks that helped her collect experience and self-discipline.

In the "World" chapter , we look at the traditions that complete the coffee drinking experience in the Balkans, move to Austin, Texas, and think about how to make a coffee mecca like Austin today. Thanks to the sponsor, the EUROSAI company, that in Standart magazine number 16, together with them and their philosophy of five elements, it is possible to help barists across Slovakia and the Czech Republic in their work, equipment and education. As always, we are delighted to bring this original selection of written text along with unique illustrations and photos to your homes and local cafes. Enjoy reading!

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