Standart magazine No. 15 CZ/SK
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Standart magazine No. 15 CZ/SK

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Fifteenth issue of Standart magazine , one of the most prestigious coffee magazines in the world, published in Czech / Slovak, English and Japanese and sold in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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The new issue of Standard covers a diverse range of topics aimed at closing the gap between barista and coffee professionals, coffee makers and home-grown barista and those who just want to enjoy a pleasant moment in the cafe.

In the chapter "Coffee" we continue with our series comparing coffee and tea - this time we take a closer look at the processing methods, which we follow in the article on what tea ritual can be applied to coffee. From here we move to distant Guatemala, a country that consists of more than 300 microclimate, and see how this affects coffee production. We close the chapter with an extensive essay on the current price crisis and what led to it.

The "People" chapter is full of stories about the people who make up the coffee industry - from interviews with world-renowned roasters Stephen Leighton and Joanna Alm, through notes from New York life to the beautiful reminiscence of Tim Williams' life lessons.

In the chapter "The World" we discuss the book historian Geri Della Rocca de Candia about his recent exhibition on the press revolution of the 15th century. Then we look at the strange relationship between coffee and stand-up comedy, and learn a few jokes along the way. Then we move to Paris for a walk through the political and cultural history of the French capital - all through the eyes of coffee, and end with the story of loneliness, creation and coffee.

As always, we are delighted to bring this original selection of written text along with unique illustrations and photos in your homes and local cafes. Have a nice reading!

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