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Standard Magazine No. 8

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The eighth issue of the excellent coffee magazine. Keywords: Import coffee, popsicles, Costa Rica,% ARABICA Coffee Kuwait, lousy coffee, Berlin.

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Coffee roasted every week

The standard, already the eighth in a row, brings you a load of information from the coffee world. So what awaits you?

Talking about coffee as a subject to study, you will learn what it is like to import coffee from the source to us, you will look to sunny Costa Rica , which exports coffee to the whole world, and then you can cool off with excellent coffee popsicles .

Even in this issue, you will meet a lot of important personalities of coffee culture .

Eden-Marie Abramowicz - attractive barista, trainer at Intelligentsia, founder of Bastet Coffee tells about her beginnings and the journey full of challenges to live her dreams.

Al Keating - CEO of Coffee Supreme, will share with you the things he has learned, on which he relies and how they work.

Talor Browne - An Australian living in Norway, co-founder of the Talor & JØrgen roastery, author of the Fryd project, introduces you to her daily ritual, remembers her first coffee encounter and reveals how she prepares a morning cup of coffee.

Brodie Vissers - in two weeks he got from Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela by bike. A road full of sunshine, great food, coffee and freedom. Brodie describes her pilgrimage from day one. You can keep track of the distance traveled, the elevation gain, the number of coffees drunk and get to know everything and everyone he met on this adventure.

2 articles from life. From the life of a barista and from the life of a consumer . Several baristas came together and put together their knowledge about discrimination behind the bar, both from customers, colleagues and management. A coffee consumer writes on the topic of "lousy coffee". Just as drinking instant coffee is incomprehensible to us, so for ordinary coffee consumers, terms such as gourmet coffee, coarseness of grinding or the length of extraction are completely foreign. Read and find out more.

% ARABICA Coffee Kuwait - a company setting the celestial bar of coffee in the Persian Gulf. Penetrate the secrets of her success accompanied by likeable photographs.

We already know that Berlin is an important coffee metropolis . The standard therefore brings you tips for several places that are worth visiting .

The 8th issue of Standart magazine includes a poster entitled "A Day at the Coffee Farm".

This and much more is brought to you by Standart magazine.

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