Standard magazine No. 20

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The20th issue of Standart magazine, one of the most prestigious coffee magazines in the world, published in Czech/Slovak, English and Japanese and sold in more than 60 countries.

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Coffee roasted every week

Thanks to our amazing contributors and illustrators, we once again have some breathtaking articles on a variety of topics:

Ashley Rodriquez focuses her attention on the concept of relationships in coffee - that is, how roasters and farmers' relationships compare to real life. What does building relationships in the coffee world really mean?

Does the realm of choice coffee use our minds enough? In a longer, but all the more interesting article, we interview a neuroscientist to learn about the latest research into the impact of colours that literally change the taste of coffee.

Talor Browne of Talormade has been through a tumultuous period in her professional life, but one that has helped her create a new and amazing business with a great deal of cultural empathy. A great read and excellent inspiration for anyone who wants to become a future entrepreneur in the world of fine coffee.

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