Standard magazine No. 11

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Eleventh issue of Standart magazine, one z most prestigious coffee magazine in the world, published in Czech-Slovak, English and japonese and is sold in more than 60 countries.

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Standard number 11 is not afraid to deviate from traditional themes. It begins by opening up a controversial topic that will stir many circles in the cups of coffee regulars - coffee vs. tea! It then opens the floodgates of imagination, telling you a surreal tale of a magical coffee shop where a jungle of juice oranges and decorative palm trees grows overnight.

We'll take an uncompromising look at the gender gap in the American barista profession and finish with a tour of the best cafes in Sao Paulo today.

The Czechoslovak issue also features an interview with the founders of Vršovice's Café Jen, who opened a "neighborhood" style business at their own peril.

132 pages, 14 articles of quality coffee content.

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