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Standard Magazine No. 10

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Standart magazine is a quarterly magazine dealing with selected coffee and the lifestyle around it. The magazine is published in Slovakia and follows the international coffee scene. He won second place in a major international competition.

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Coffee roasted every week

Sit down and enjoy the 10th issue of Standart magazine.

Right at the beginning, you will look at two states on the American continent. In Brazil you will learn about their most criticized stereotypes, in Colombia you will find coffee plantations of all varieties that occur here. On the next journey, you and the authors of the article can go for the origin of the unique Geisha.

Customers from Ditting Swiss share that makes the company's coffee grinders so unique. David Donde, a barista, owner, and master in his field, talks about the philosophy of roasting and the changing face of Cape Town, where he lives. Standard editors also went to see Jon Allen, a green coffee buyer and owner of the Onyx Coffee Lab, who today is one of the best cafes and roasters in the world.

Even now, Standard delves into the lives of baristas and writes about the right kind of activism. He writes of management care about his employees, and behaviors that the team refuses to tolerate. However, even on this path, they face difficulties. You will read what on page 76.

Most of us certainly know how to prepare an aeropress. After seeing a minimalist and clear photo preparation, you will have a taste for one aeropress immediately.

You will surely be surprised and interested in an article called Diskens's Cafes. Its authors focus on Diskens' work The Little Dorritka and its relations with coffee and the culture that surrounds it.

Are you going to Tokyo and don't know where to go? Open the tenth Standard on page 114 and you won't be short of coffee.

This and much more is brought to you by Standart magazine.

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