Need for Espresso: Underground

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The modern bible of a professional barista from Slovak author Adrian Krišák . A book about what espresso is complemented with beautiful illustrations by Nikoleta Gajar.

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The book is divided into eight chapters that will guide you through history, grain composition and water analysis to the espresso theory . The book will show you the right practices and will show you how to perceive coffee as a fruit with great taste potential.

List of chapters:
1. Unbearable ease of drinking
2. Grain and its composition
3. Taste
4. Water
5. Espresso machine
6. Theory of preparing espresso
7. Espresso statistics
8. Uniqueness of torque
X. Espresso Dictionary

The book is signed and dedicated by the author.

Author: Adrián Krišák
Year of issue: 2018
Binding: Paperback
Number of pages: 114
Language: Slovak language
ISBN: 978-80-570-0187-4

Adrián Krišák
Adrián Krišák
1415 9788057001874

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