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Specialty Coffee - Rusty Nails

Coffee beans from small roasters with a maximum of 1 month from roasting. Most bean selections are with a predominant fruity/acidity. Their origin from small farmers is clear. These beans are grown in ideal climatic conditions and are characterised by their distinctive flavour and low incidence of defective beans. 

The quality and personally tested selection of coffee offered by us (in person in Prague or by purchasing through the eshop) is roasted every week. We do not store our coffee beans for longer periods of time, so that they do not degrade in quality.

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The unique taste of this coffee is the result of many factors such as the long ripening period, the transparency of origin, the careful harvesting of the ripe fruit and the care taken in processing the beans. Indeed, behind every fine coffee there is often a story of the producer himself or of his family or generations of families. Increasingly, the name of the farmer or the name of the farm where the coffee comes from is also mentioned.