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Bialetti Brikka Moka Kettle with patented valve for unique crema and shorter extraction at higher pressure. Version for induction cooker. Capacity: 170ml.

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TheBialetti Brikka is the only moka coffee maker that is improved over others by a patented valve that makes the moka pot work more like an espresso machine.

Thanks to the valve, the Brikka will also create a nice crema (foam) with your favourite coffee that you are used to from coffee shops. But not only that. The higher pressure also ensures a shorter extraction time, so the coffee only flows through the pot for about 20 seconds and there is no over-extraction of the coffee, unlike a traditional mocha pot. Also, the pressure is greater with the Brikka thanks to the valve and thus comes closer to espresso preparation.

The Bialetti Brikka is made of food-grade aluminium and the comfortable handle is made of plastic. Aluminum cookware tends to be unpopular, but in this case it is not. The inside of the coffee maker will become coated with a patina after time of use, and soak up the taste of the coffee. It is because of this taste and the simplicity of the whole unit that "Bialettes" are so popular worldwide. Now the popular aluminium variant can be used by induction cooker owners too! The bottom container is made of magnetic stainless steel:)

For more information on making strong coffee with a moka pot, please see our section Coffee preparation - moka pots.

Suitable for: 4 cups
Material: aluminium, stainless steel, plastic
Colour: silver, grey
Capacity: 170ml

The teapot is suitable for gas, ceramic and induction cookers. Not dishwasher safe.

Please note: choose the seal for this type of moka kettle: Bialetti aluminium 6 cup coffee maker.

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