Bialetti Mukka Express moka cappuccino pot

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The Bialetti Mukka Express Moka Kettle for making a true Italian cappuccino or café latte, just like in your favourite café. Suitable for 2 cups.

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Do you love a real Italian cappuccino or café latte and would you like to enjoy it not only in your favourite café, but also at home or at work? The Bialetti Mukka Express moka pot will conjure up a fantastic cappuccino or café latte with a beautiful thick crema right in front of your eyes in just a few minutes with almost no work. You can choose between these two beverages at the touch of a button.

The stylish and playful Bialetti Mukka Express mocha pot from the Italian company Bialetti is made of food-grade aluminium. Aluminum cookware tends to be unpopular, but that's not the case here. Theinside of the coffee pot will become coated with a patina after time of use, and soak up the taste of the coffee. It is this taste and the simplicity of the whole unit that makesbialettes so popular worldwide.

Making coffee is really easy, you just pour in water, pour in the coffee, pour whole milk into the top container and put it on the brewer. The Mukka is suitable for gas, electric and ceramic hobs.

Volume: 0,4 l
Colour: speckled (black and white)

Find out more about making cappuccino in the Bialetti Mukka Express in the following video:

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Bialetti Mukka Express 2
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