Bialetti Fiammetta 3 salmon moka kettle

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Stylish Bialetti Fiammetta kettle from the Italian company Bialetti for the traditional preparation of stronger coffee. Suitable for 3 cups .

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The Bialetti Fiammetta Moka kettle clearly excited us. High-quality design is evident at first glance and touch, and if you want to revive your kitchen with beautiful colors, it's Fiammett 's creative .

If you're wondering who's hiding behind the "little man with a mustache" you see on each model, it's just a portrait of Alfonso Bialetti, who invented a coffeemaker in 1933. He simply wanted to distinguish his products, so why not exactly his character :-)

Bialetti Fiammetta is made of polished aluminum and a comfortable grip made of plastic. Aluminum dishes are unpopular, but this is not the right place. The inside of the coffee machine is covered with patina after a time of use , and it absorbs the taste of coffee. Just because of this taste and simplicity of the whole device, bialettes are so popular worldwide.

More about preparing a strong coffee using a mug kettle can be found in our section Coffee Preparation - Moka Teapot .

Suitable for: 3 cups
Material: aluminum, plastic
Color: dark salmon

The jug is suitable for gas, ceramic and electric cookers. Not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

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