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Tea oolong Yabukita Thailand 50g

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Oolong from Thailand , which combines the taste of green tea and light oolong. The light tones of citrus fruits complement the delicate grass .
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Yabukita - oolong type tea from Thailand. From the famous Mae Salong, it is a unique cultivation of Yabukita cultivar, which combines the flavors of green tea and light oolong .
Taste: light notes of citrus fruits and delicate grass
Origin: Mae Salong, Thailand
Tea Preparation: It is up to each of you to find your own extraction time to make your tea tasteful. We recommend preparing teas for more boiling (4-6) in a smaller volume of 100-200ml with a shorter extraction time, for example starting at 20s-40s and ending in a few minutes. You can choose the water temperature for the first casting around 80C and then proceed to 100C. Bright and green teas generally have a greater tendency to faster extraction, so it is especially better to start with cooler water and shorter time so that tea is not bitter.
Tea can also be prepared for 1 infusion in a can, for example 0.5 l, 5-7 g, 100 ° C, 5-8 min.
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