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Fresh Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo 250g, Aeropress Aerobie coffee maker and Rhinowares Mini coffee grinder as a trio that is very popular with travelers and other coffee gourmets.

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In the GOURMET package, we joined three of our biggest stars . This set will satisfy everyone who desires high-end, yet affordable, home-cooking equipment for fantastic coffee.

The basis of every good cup of coffee is quality freshly roasted coffee. Ethiopia Sidamo, 100% arabica excels with its full chocolate flavor with spicy floral aroma and mild citrus tones. Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo is prized especially for its pleasant fruity acidity .

Grinding coffee is an irreplaceable ritual. You can enjoy it more with one of Rhinowares Mini 's best handmade mills   from the Australian brand Rhinowares. The stainless steel grinder with ceramic milling stones has a top design and an adapter, thanks to which it fits perfectly into the Aeropress !

The last part of the set is the Aeropress Aerobie coffee maker , which has enjoyed an incredible popularity with coffee enthusiasts in recent years. Coffee preparation in Aeropress is easy, fast and last but not least fun. Coffee is filtered by air through a paper filter. The Aeropress is perfect for traveling , it is almost unbreakable and very light.

The GOURMET package includes:

- 250g of freshly roasted coffee beans Ethiopia Sidamo 100% arabica

- Rhinowares Mini coffee machine with adapter

- Aeropress Aerobic coffee machine

- 350 Aeropress filters, filter holder, coffee scoop, mixer, smaller cups

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