Hario V60 Fretta Ice Coffee Maker - Ice Cream Preparation Kit

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Hario V60 Fretta Ice Coffee Maker Kit for easy preparation of refreshing ice coffee of excellent taste.

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By joining a plastic dripper, ice dispenser and glass jars, a set of Hario Japanese Hario kit sets up for the preparation of up to 700 ml of Hario V60 Fretta Ice Coffee Maker , which will make your preparation too easy.

Add a few ice cubes to the ice dispenser and top up the V60 dripper. Insert a paper filter, pour freshly ground coffee and pour hot water. When running through the filter, the coffee will hit directly on the ice and so coolly cool. Voila, you can serve ice-filtered coffee, the taste of which will be unbelievably amazing.

Dripper as well as elegant glass containers can also be used as separate pieces.

Material: plastic, glass
Contents: plastic ice dispenser, Hario V60 plastic dripper for 2-4 cups, glass kettle with a 700 ml cap, 10 pcs of unbleached paper filters VCF-02M

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Hario V60 Fretta (VIC-02B)
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