Coffee maker La Pavoni Europiccola Lusso El

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This coffee machine has long been an absolute Italian legend in the preparation of coffee. Classic design dating from the 1950s and distinctive brewing process is what your customers gets even today.

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La Pavoni

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This coffee machine has a 0.8 liter boiler which is filled manually by the top of the coffee machine. The entire boiler is then closed as it is under pressure for the entire coffee preparation until it cools completely. The water level is indicated by the meter on the boiler side . The boiler is heated by a powerful heating element at its bottom. The heating is then controlled by a thermostat and the light at the switch indicates that the coffee machine is heating up .

The entire brewing process is carried out manually , first by raising the lever to fill the coffee head with water and then pressing it to push the water through the coffee . The pressure is generated only by your power and there is no pump or spring. Up to 8 cups of coffee can be prepared at one time . However, if you often make more coffees, it is a good idea to consider a model with a larger boiler.

Whipped milk can also be prepared using a steam nozzle . The whole process is very simple , the steam is formed in the upper part of the boiler, where there is no water - the more space, the greater the supply of steam.

With a minimum of electronics, the entire coffee machine is easy to maintain and repair , so it lasts for many years in the home.

Brand: La Pavoni
Weight: 5,5kg
Boiler: unicameral
Boiler insulation: no
Boiler material: stainless steel
Boiler volume: 0,8l
Pump: no
Power input: 950 W
Width: 200 mm
Height: 320 mm
Depth: 290 mm

La Pavoni

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