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Bezzera UNICA PID one of the smallest E61 coffee machines with a half liter copper boiler and PID temperature control system.

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Unica PID is an espresso coffee machine with professional components that allows you to always achieve perfect espresso and creamy cappuccino at home in just a few moments. The coffee machine works with a vibratory pump and an E61 head with manual control via a side lever. The E61 head group is heated with a conventional thermoscopic system and guarantees exceptional thermal stability. The body is made of polished stainless steel AISI 304.

To indicate and control the coffee extraction pressure, the coffee machine has an analog manometer (pressure gauge). PID temperature control allows you to set the coffee extraction temperature (80 ° C - 100 ° C) and steam (105 ° C - 120 ° C). The setting has an accuracy of 1 ° C.

This coffee machine is ideal for home use, especially if you prefer espresso, but also enjoy coffee with frothed milk such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

The following accessories are supplied with the coffee machine as standard:

  • Portafilter with one outlet + cup 8g
  • Portafilter with double outlet + cup 16g
  • Blind cupcake
  • Brush for cleaning the head of the coffee machine

Brand: Bezzera
Weight: 21.5kg
Boiler: single chamber
Boiler insulation: no
Boiler material: copper
Boiler volume: 0.5l
Pump: vibrating
Water tank: 3l
Direct water connection: no
Temperature control: PID
Head heating: thermoscopic
Width: 250 mm
Height: 375 mm
Depth: 425 mm
Number of heads: 1

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