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Urnex Rinza 120 tablets

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Rinza cleanser from the American brand of Urnex to remove residual milk and milk sediments in the form of soluble tablets .

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Rinza Cleaning Tablets are a professional product of the American brand of Urnex for removing milk residues and their deposits. It can be used to clean parts of coffee machines that come into contact with milk and can also be used to clean milk jugs.

The product is safe and biodegradable, proven by NSF certification (

Unlike the liquid version of Urnex Rinza, tablets can be more convenient or safer for storage and shipping.

Instructions for automatic coffee makers :

  • dissolve 1 tablet in 250ml hot water
  • place the suction tube of the coffee machine into the solution container
  • start milk frothing
  • repeat above with clean cold water to thoroughly rinse all parts

Instructions for steam nozzles and other parts that come in contact with milk

  • dissolve 1 tablet in 250ml hot water
  • put the parts of the coffee machine you want to clean into the solution container and wait for 15-30 minutes
  • rinse thoroughly with water

Package Content: 120 tablets

The polluted coffee paths degrade the resulting coffee flavor, increase the risk of bacteria, cause the temperature of the milk to become unstable, and cause an improper foaming. Regular cleaning will also increase the shelf life of the milk.

Urnex Brands
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