Urnex Grindz 430g grinding granule

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Patented Urnex Grindz product for safe and thorough cleaning of all types of coffee oil mills . Content: 430g of cleaning compound.

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Grindz is the patented product of the American brand of Urnex for safe and thorough cleaning of your coffee oil mill . Regular cleaning of the coffee grinder will keep you as good as your coffee.

Urnex Grindz is very easy to use . It does not require any removal of the mill . Simply put 1 lid into the empty hopper hopper, ie 35-40g of the mix in the case of a household electric grinder , or 2 lids, ie 70-80g in the case of a professional grinder in shops or cafes. Set the grinder to medium roughness and then melt as a coffee. For clarity, mash two espresso batches, then throw them out.

Composition: Patented formula containing grains and cereals and pharmaceutical grade binder. The product is gluten-free and organic.

Content: 430 g

DO NOT use in grinders integrated in automatic coffee machines. In this case, use Urnex SuperGrindz.

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