Trung Nguyen Drip Coffee - 3 pcs test pack

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Test package of three types of Trung Nguyen coffees . A popular simple method of making coffee with the included filter . Just pour hot water .

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Taste three types of DRIP COFFEE delicious Vietnamese coffee Trung Nguyen :)

You can easily prepare coffee without any devices using the included filter. Just add hot water .

  • DRIP COFFEE AMERICANO- strong aroma, light aroma of green tea. Taste with a slightly bitter hint and chocolate aftertaste. Arabica, Robusta.
  • DRIP COFFEE FUSION BLEND- aroma of fresh tropical fruit and lime peel. The delicate aftertaste combines the sweet and sour taste of 100% Arabica.
  • DRIP COFFEE VIETNAMESE BLEND- traditional and original taste of Vietnamese coffee. Balanced ratio of mild acidity with a hint of sweet and chocolate. Arabica, Robusta.
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