Trung Nguyen CREATIVE 5, beans 1kg

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Themost popular coffeemodel Trung Nguyen! Hand-sorted 100 rabica. The result is the best that the typical Southeast Asian style of coffee roasting has to offer. Contents: beans, 1kg.

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Trung Nguyen

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Coffee roasted every week

This coffee uses only the hand-sorted, finest beans of the excellent Culi Arabica coffee, which is grown at high altitudes. The coffee has a very mild acidity and a balanced, rich aromatic character.

Country of origin: Buon Me Thuot, Viet Nam
Type: 100 Rabica
Content: 1 kg, bean
Flavour: complex, very smooth, mild acidity

Trung Nguyen coffee is different

Trung Nguyen coffees are very different from the classic coffees we are familiar with, which is guaranteed to surprise you. In general, they have a subtle earthy flavour with a sweet chocolate aroma. In Vietnam, they are drunk with condensed milk, sugar and ice chips, creating a cooling drink with a completely addictive taste. Coffee is traditionally prepared using a Phin filter, however, it is possible to use a French press in the European version.


Trung Nguyen Creative 5 represents the best of the specific roasting coffees in Southeast Asia, which is why it is no surprise that this coffee is the most popular of the Trung Nguyen range.

Find out more about the preparation of Vietnamese coffee in our Coffee Preparation - Vietnamese Coffee.

Trung Nguyen
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