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What does The Miners roaster say about this coffee?

The Cafe Benigno brand first appeared on the market in 2017 with the aim of offering selected coffee. The heart of the whole project is Teresita Robles Navarro, who first came up with this idea. Teresita owes her extensive knowledge of growing coffee mainly to her father Benigno Robles Fallas, who then inspired her to name the processing station after him. Benigno was a hard-working man and a great lover of nature. The main vision of the Robles family is to provide great and unique coffees that are fully traceable to a particular farmer. Their customers thus have a unique opportunity to obtain coffee that respects the environment and fair treatment of all those involved in the entire process. Teresita is responsible for all coffee production, logistics and processing. The family also strives to innovate every year to achieve even better results in the international market.

About coffee

Finca La Casa is located at an altitude of about 1500-1600 m La Casa currently grows mainly varieties of Caturra and Catuaí. No chemical fertilizers are used on the farm during the year in order to improve the quality of the soil and gradually increase the quality and quantity. The farm is surrounded by a variety of trees such as banana trees, plantans, castor, güitite, avocado trees, jocote and poró, which give the coffee trees plenty of shade. Part of the Finca La Casa is currently being renovated for the third year. The main reason is the planting of new coffee varieties such as F1 Millennium, Obatá, Catigua, MG2 and Geisha, which should replace the existing Caturra and Catuaí in the future, which are gradually reaching the end of their production life.

Processing and drying

Once the cherries are harvested by hand, they are left to rest in the inner tank for the next 24 hours and then travel for peeling. Only the top skin is removed from the cherries so that the horseradish remains intact. The peeled cherries then proceed to another tank, where they ferment for the next 36 hours with constant temperature control. Subsequent drying takes place around 22 days, depending on the weather, on African beds in direct sunlight. Overnight, they are covered with a transparent, waterproof tarpaulin, which prevents the access of water and moisture, which could compromise the quality of the coffee.

Farm: Finca la Casa, Café Benigno

Altitude: 1514 m above sea level

Processing: Honey

Variety: Catuai - Caturra

Method of preparation: Espresso, Moka teapot, but it's worth trying on a filter :)

Taste: Forest honey, yellow apples, almonds, creamy body, apple cider

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